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Race Engine Technology - Issue 030

Highlights in this issue include an Insight into Johnson and Johnson's NHRA Pro Mod tech, a Special Investigation into Engine Management Systems and Focus articles covering Plugs, Injectors and Rolling Element and Fluid Film Bearings. 

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Issue 30 - May 2008

  • In Conversation: DR ANDY RANDOLPH - The combustion analysis expert explains why he has moved from BDR to ECR
  • Preview: LE MANS - It isn’t only about the turbodiesels: new petrol contenders enter the fray
  • Motorcycle: SUPERBIKES - Are the radical new UK rules the way forward for international racing?
  • Special Investigation: EMS - Where it came from and where it is going and what it means for you
  • Focus: PLUGS AND INJECTORS - Investigating the state of the art in spark plug and fuel injector technology
  • Insight: JOHNSON & JOHNSON - How an NHRA Pro Stock Dodge Stratus V8 makes competitive horsepower
  • Time Machine: MAZDA ROTARY - A quarter of a century ago Mazda made its mark at Le Mans, going on to win
  • Focus: ROLLING ELEMENT BEARINGS - The future of bearing technology for the transmission and maybe the engine?
  • Focus: FLUID FILM BEARINGS - The magic of crankshaft bearing operation and where it is headed
  • GRID - The Race Engine Technology world
  • EXPO - News from Race Retro
  • IRED: GRAND AM - The 2008 engine builders
  • PS: WM - Project 400

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