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Race Engine Technology - Issue 032

Highlights in this issue include an Insight into Comptech's SCCA Mazda, a Special Investigation into Nanotechnology and a Focus article covering Camshafts. 

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Issue 32 - August 2008

  • Race Report: BRITISH GRAND PRIX - How the frozen Formula One V8s shaped up at the mid point of the 2008 World Championship
  • Focus: CAMSHAFTS - Our definitive guide to contemporary camshaft technology for pushrod and ohc race engines
  • Race Report: LE MANS - The state of the art in Prototype race engine technology as seen at the 2008 24 Hour race
  • Special Investigation: NANOTECHNOLOGY - What can this emerging science offer that will assist race engine performance?
  • Insight: COMPTECH MAZDA - We look inside the SCCA World Challenge Touring Car winning, 2.3 litre MZR I4 engine
  • Insight: WET SUMP OILING SYSTEMS - The forgotten technology of the wet sump in the context of stock block pushrod V8s
  • GRID - The Race Engine Technology world
  • IRED: NHRA PRO STOCK - The 2008 engine builders
  • PS: ALFA ROMEO V8 - Facing F1 fuel rationing

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