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Race Engine Technology - Issue 035

Highlights in this issue include a Profile of the MCT V12, an Insight into Tractor Pulling, Part 1 of a Special Investigation into Valve Spring Operation and a Focus article covering Piston Rings. 

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Issue 35 - December/January 2009

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Ian Bamsey explains why now is the time for motorsport professionals to learn more about KERS
  • Upfront: GRID - We discuss the increasing impact of KERS in racing, Gale Banks’ extreme diesel dragster and much more
  • Profile: MCT V12 - The Bloodhound land speed record car is shooting for 1000 mph – and it needs a strong race engine at its heart. We profile that V12
  • Report: RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR - Over the first two years of this contest, 50 race engine professionals voted an Alternative Power unit overall winner. Not in 2008…
  • Expo: AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL - It is now 15 years since the Engineering show-within-a-show made this a must-visit for race engine engineers. Will 2008 prove the best ever?
  • Insight: CRP INNOVATIONS - Rapid prototyping specialist CRP has applied its technology to the improvement of two-stroke motorcycle cylinders and reed valves
  • Focus: PISTON RINGS - On the face of it there isn’t much to the humble piston ring but in fact a tremendous amount of engineering goes into these vital seals
  • Musings: IAN BAMSEY - Following further discussion with its architect, Doctor Hayashi, the editor offers additional insight into YGK’s LMP1 V8 turbo
  • Report: KERS SEMINAR - KERS is coming fast into racing. In view of this, at the PMWE we organised a Seminar for race engine professionals.
  • Offbeat: TRACTOR PULLING - Some of the wildest engines in all of motorsport are used for the eccentric world of tractors. Wayne Scraba boldly enters the arena...
  • Motorcycle: YAMAHA PNEUMATICS - Neil Spalding investigates the development of Yamaha’s MotoGP contender, in particular its switch from coil to air springs
  • Special Investigation: VALVE SPRINGS - A pioneering investigation into the true characteristics of wire coil valve springs
  • Race Engine Report: MOTOGP - MotoGP nowadays has more engine technical freedom than even Formula One. Anne Proffit took its pulse
  • PS: NUNA 4 - The surprise winner of the Alternative Power Race Engine of the Year 2008 has solar power

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