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Race Engine Technology - Issue 037

Highlights in this issue include Dossiers on the NASCAR Ford FR9 and Powertec's V8, a Part 3 of our Special Investigation into Valve Spring Operation and a Focus article covering Circlips.

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Issue 37 - March/April 2009

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Reflecting that the era of the stock block V8 in NASCAR is about to end and upon future race engine downsizing
  • Upfront: GRID - How Formula One needs technological development, issues in other major series and a fascinating race/road crossover…
  • In Conversation: JOHN FORCE - He helped conceive Ford’s most powerful race engine ever and now he personally tames its circa-8000 horsepower…
  • Dossier: NASCAR FORD FR9 - An in-depth profile of the new generation NASCAR Cup engine from Ford, which starts racing later this season
  • Motorcycle: 125 cc KERS - A 125 cc Grand Prix motorcycle beat Formula One to the use of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) in racing
  • Expo: AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL - The racing year opened with the annual UK exhibition including Autosport Engineering; we reflect on the highlights
  • Focus: CIRCLIPS - Easily overlooked, circlips are the key to piston pin security: should they fail engine disaster is a certainty…
  • Survey: DYNAMOMETERS - An introduction to race engine performance measurement, from traditional water brakes to Active electric dynos
  • Focus: VALVES - The poppet valve still reigns supreme in the demanding race engine world; Tom Sharp explores the state of the art
  • Musings: AETC - Jack Kane reflects on the highs of the 2008 running of AETC, the annual US race engine builder convention
  • Special Investigation: VALVE SPRINGS - Professor Blair and his Associates continue their insight into tapered springs offering design considerations
  • Dossier: POWERTEC V8 - Tom Sharp looks at Powertec’s development of the Suzuki Hayabusa into an affordable V8 for racecars
  • PS: FUNNY FUEL - How Formula One fuel development in the early nineties led to so called ‘pump petrol’ that supercharged the engines

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