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Race Engine Technology - Issue 039

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on ECR's NASCAR Cup Plate Chevrolet, an Insight into IES Engineering's LM P2 Nissan V8 and Focus articles covering Lubricants, Surface treatments and Cooling Systems. 

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Issue 39 - June/July 2009

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Reflecting on the future of technology in racing – is the concept of budget capping the way to allow the adventure to continue?
  • Upfront: GRID - Reinventing the roller tappet, improving the Boxer, PME’s winning build and many more happenings from the race engine world…
  • In Conversation: ROGER GRIFFITHS - HPD’s lead Indy engineer looks forward to the return of a manufacturer battle and as such sees an exciting future for engines at the 500
  • Dossier: ECR PLATE CHEVROLET - Inside one of the most successful NASCAR Superspeedway restrictor plate engines: what are the secrets of success at Daytona?
  • Techno Topic: TOTAL SEAL 6 mm RING - How the NASCAR compression piston ring has been shrunk even further in axial height as engine builders seek to reduce friction
  • Raceshop: ORECA MAGNY COURS - We visit one of the world’s leading producers of production-based race engines, which has developed the new Skoda S2000 rally engine
  • Insight: IES ENGINEERING NISSAN V8 - The first uncompromised stock block LM P2 engine is a Nissan V8, which looks to exploit the restrictor break given this engine type
  • Focus: LUBRICANTS - Changes in oil composition forced onto lubricant suppliers are a concern for racers; we highlight what to look for on today’s cans
  • Motorcycle: BMW & YAMAHA SUPERBIKES - How both the German and the Japanese manufacturer have arrived at the same slant for their World Superbike Championship racers
  • Focus: SURFACE TREATMENTS - State of the art in the quest for the perfect finish on metal components – we highlight many of the diverse options in today’s world
  • Techno Topic: MARKHAM ACS - Tracking down sometimes-invisible contaminants can avoid race engine failure – a vital issue that is normally overlooked
  • Focus: COOLING SYSTEMS - Keeping engine temperature under control for the minimum car aero drag is where the engine designer meets the chassis engineer…
  • PS: FERRARI’S FOUR - How and why Ferrari switched from a V12 to an I4 in the early days of its long and illustrious involvement in Grand Prix racing…

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