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Race Engine Technology - Issue 062

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on Aston Martin's LM P1 I6 2.0 Litre turbo, an Insight into the Deltawing at Le Mans and Focus articles covering Bearings and Pushrods, Rockers and Lifters.

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Issue 62 - May 2012

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Is all progress for the better? Perhaps not, but it’s always fascinating – just look at the introduction of EFI to NASCAR for example
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Why the DeltaWing could spark a revolution in race engine technology, IndyCar’s battle of the turbos, and more...
  • In Conversation: TREVOR KNOWLES - IndyCar’s director of engine development Trevor Knowles takes Anne Proffit through the challenges of his first year in the job
  • Dossier: ASTON MARTIN I6 2.0 LITRE TURBO GDI - The most recent Aston Martin Prototype engine could get another lease of life. Ian Bamsey investigates this 2.0 litre I6 turbo
  • Insight: DELTAWING AT LE MANS - Ian Bamsey takes a first look at the radical Nissan-powered DeltaWing headed for Le Mans this year
  • Focus: BEARINGS - David Cooper examines the rolling-element bearing – the different types, materials, applications, and how it compares with other bearing technologies
  • Insight: NASCAR EFI - Ian Bamsey looks at a fascinating technological overhaul that has catapulted NASCAR engines from 1952 to 2012
  • Race Engine Digest: SHERCO/MORORACING MOTO3 - Giuseppe Gasparini visited MoroRacing to discuss the development of its Sherco-based Moto3 engine with company founder Franco Moro
  • Focus: PUSHRODS, ROCKERS & LIFTERS - Pushrod valvetrains may have their drawbacks but they thrive in some racing series. Wayne Ward looks at their design issues
  • Musings: CECIL STEVENS - The latest Advanced Engineering Technology Conference provided Cecil Stevens with plenty of food for thought, as he recounts here
  • Race Engine Digest: R2B2 PRO MOD V8 - Anne Proffit investigates a turbocharged alternative for the adventurous Pro Mod drag racing sector
  • PS: RENAULT’S EARLY TURBOS - How the French car maker went about developing Le Mans and Formula One turbo engines

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