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Race Engine Technology - Issue 066

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on the turbocharged Mountune/OMSE Rallycross Ford, an insight into Bloodhound's rocket and Focus articles covering Advanced Metals and Fuel Pumps. 

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Issue 66 - November 2012

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - From the world land speed record to Rallycross, powerplant technology continues to provide fresh fascination
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Bentley plans a GT3 version of its Continental Speed GT, Dyson Racing adopts Flybrid system for its LM P1 Lola-Mazda, and more…
  • In Conversation: ROB WHITE - Ian Bamsey discusses Renault’s Formula One V8 and its forthcoming I4 turbo with the engine technical chief responsible
  • Dossier: MOUNTUNE/OMSE RALLYCROSS FORD TURBO - Ian Bamsey reveals the technology behind the Mountune/OMSE Ford, the engine to beat in motorsport’s latest phenomenon – Rallycross
  • Alternative Power: DELFT DUT12 - Lawrence Butcher reports on this impressive all-electric Formula Student contender from the Delft University of Technology
  • Focus: ADVANCED METALS - Metals still reign supreme in race engines, finds Wayne Ward, who gives a guide to today’s key materials and their uses
  • Motorcycle: BRITISH SUPERBIKE - New technical rules are having a positive impact on the British Superbike championship, as Neil Spalding reports
  • Insight: BLOODHOUND’S ROCKET - Ian Bamsey witnesses a pivotal test of the most extreme motor in the history of race engine technology
  • Short Take: GOMECSYS - Ian Bamsey reports on some new technology Gomecsys is offering Formula One engine designers to improve efficiency
  • Report: LE MANS AND PETIT LE MANS GT - The seven GT engines that contested Le Mans and/or Petit Le Mans in 2012 are investigated by Ian Bamsey and Anne Proffit
  • Race Engine Digest: ROGER MOORE PRO MOD V8 VIPER - How does the current MSA Pro Mod champion maintain his competitive advantage? Lawrence Butcher finds out
  • Focus: FUEL PUMPS - David Cooper brings us up to date on the latest trends in design, development and manufacture of fuel pumps for motorsport
  • PS: LOLA’S LATE ’60s V8s - Ian Bamsey looks back on the heyday of Lola Cars and the development of its T70 coupe

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