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Race Engine Technology - Issue 089

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Satoru Terada and insights into coatings, surface treatments, combustion sensing, analysis, the Mercedes PU106B Hybrid and Force India. A dossier on the Elite Pro Stock V8 and RED's on the M-Sport Ford Fiesta R2 rally engine and the Red Victor 3 Pro Mod V8. The nominations for Race Engine of the Year 2015 as well as focus articles covering steel and valve springs. 

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Issue 89 - September/October 2015

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Finally RET can offer a full rundown of a Pro Stock engine – in fact the engine that won the 2015 US Nationals, the biggest event in the NHRA calendar 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Huge changes in store for Pro Stock rules, one man’s radical new take on the four-stroke engine, a rare glimpse of the Audi LM P1 flywheel, and more… 
  • In Conversation: SATORU TERADA - Suzuki’s MotoGP project leader looks back with Lawrence Butcher over the team’s return to the top flight of motorcycle racing 
  • Dossier: ELITE PRO STOCK V8 - Ian Bamsey gives a detailed insight into how one leading Pro Stock engine builder exploits the development freedom in this fascinating race series 
  • Focus: STEEL - New, ultra-high performance steels show huge promise for a range of motorsport applications, as Dan Fleetcroft explains 
  • Race Engine Digest: M-SPORT FORD FIESTA R2 RALLY ENGINE - Jon Scoltock reports on the development of the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine for rallying, and finds that in some ways it improves on its 1.6 litre predecessor 
  • Insight: MERCEDES PU106B HYBRID AND FORCE INDIA - Ian Bamsey talks to Mercedes about its Formula One power unit, and to customer Force India about using it 
  • Insight: COMBUSTION SENSING AND ANALYSIS - What types of sensor are there for measuring combustion pressures, and how best to use them? Lawrence Butcher reports 
  • Motorcycle: HONDA AND MOTOGP - Neil Spalding chronicles Honda’s problems with its 2015 MotoGP bikes and explains how it went some way to solving them 
  • RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR 2015 - Here are the nominations for the Race Engine of the Year 2015, to be judged by 50 engine engineers worldwide 
  • Insight: COATINGS AND SURFACE TREATMENTS - Wayne Ward gives a guide to various treatments for improving the reliability and durability of race engine components 
  • Race Engine Digest: RED VICTOR 3 PRO MOD V8 - Stewart Mitchell explains how this drag racer obtains its power, and how it aims to become the world’s fastest street-legal car 
  • Focus: VALVE SPRINGS - Matt Grant examines the issues behind the design and manufacture of valve springs, and how to extend their working lives 
  • PS: LENKI SIX - The story behind the resurrection of one of the great open-wheel engines of the 20th century

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