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Race Engine Technology - Issue 115

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with ExternPro’s technical director Trevor Morris and a dossier on the Porsche RSR17 GTE FLAT-SIX. The Challenge of MotoGP and Race Engine of the Year 2018. A report from PMWE 2018, insight into combustion analysis, Race Engine Retro as well as a focus on camshafts. 

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Issue 115 - December/January 2019

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - We have an Historic announcement to make – or should that be Vintage or Classic? 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Carbon composite con rod for drag racing unveiled, potential for some new roadcar powertrains to meet LM P1 rules from 2020, insight into valve dynamics in NASCAR Cup engines, and more… 
  • In Conversation: TREVOR MORRIS - ExternPro’s technical director tells Stewart Mitchell how the company has prepared the new spec engine for Moto2 
  • Dossier: PORSCHE RSR17 GTE FLAT-SIX - Ian Bamsey explains how Porsche’s latest boxer engine has been designed for racing as well as road duty. With research by Stewart Mitchell 
  • RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR 2018 - Announcing the category and overall winners of the Race Engine of the Year 2018, as judged by a jury of peers 
  • Insight: COMBUSTION ANALYSIS - The latest combustion analysis systems put high-end engine optimisation in the hands of engineers at every level of motorsport. Jon Scoltock reports 
  • Challenge Of: MOTOGP - Ducati Corse’s technical director gives an insight into some of the development challenges in MotoGP. By Ian Bamsey with Stewart Mitchell conducting the interview 
  • Report: PMWE 2018 - Here’s our annual round-up of some of the latest products on offer to the motorsport community 
  • Focus: CAMSHAFTS - Matt Grant explores some of the latest materials and processes used for producing stronger and more reliable race engine camshafts 
  • RACE ENGINE RETRO - The first in our new series on the burgeoning market for retro engine components and solutions

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