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Race Engine Technology - Issue 125

Highlights in this issue include the second part of our Porsche 919 exclusive, with this insight looking at the E-drive aspect of the Le Mans-winning powertrain. We have a dossier on the Aston Martin Cosworth V12 as well as an insight into the challenge of NHRA Pro Stock EFI. We report on heat shielding options for racecar powertrains as well as reviewing Autosport Engineering 2020. We have the latest instalment of our e-Race Power Expo and our focus articles cover engine inspection and surface treatments for AM components.

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  • Intro: THE EDITOR - In the wake of the pandemic and a global recession, professional racing should reinvent itself using the KISS principle
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Will Honda equal the form of Mercedes and Ferrari in Formula One’s 2020 season? We look at how it has developed its PU for this year, the RA620H
  • Dossier: ASTON MARTIN COSWORTH V12 - Though no longer destined to vie for Le Mans honours, this road-legal engine owes much to its developer’s racing pedigree. By Ian Bamsey, with research by Stewart Mitchell
  • Focus: ENGINE INSPECTION - When engineers want to inspect or check the condition of an engine, these are the tools and methods they use. Matt Grant reports
  • Insight: PORSCHE 919 E-DRIVE - Ian Bamsey concludes his investigation into this recent Le Mans-winning powertrain. With research by Stewart Mitchell
  • Insight: Challenge Of: NHRA PRO STOCK EFI - Pro Stock engine builder Chris McGaha tells Ian Bamsey about how he overcame the challenges with switching to electronic fuel injection. With research by Stewart Mitchell
  • Expo: HEAT SHIELDING - Ian Bamsey examines the heat shielding options for racecar powertrains across ten suppliers
  • Report: AUTOSPORT ENGINEERING 2020 - Our regular review of this show again provided plenty to interest motorsport professionals
  • e-RACE POWER EXPO - Drag racer Steve Huff hits over 200 mph using kit from High Tech Systems, Phi-Power and Cascadia Motion; AEM Performance Electronics unveils aftermarket vehicle control units for bespoke applications; Swindon Powertrain now offers an off-the-shelf EV system, and more…
  • Focus: SURFACE TREATMENTS FOR AM COMPONENTS - Peter Donaldson shows how a range of post-processing techniques can enhance the properties of additively manufactured components
  • RACE ENGINE RETRO - The engine powering Champion Speed Shop’s Nostalgia Top Fuel campaign, Gradient Engineering showcases its naturally aspirated Ford CVH engine, and more…

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