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Race Engine Technology - Issue 150

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the AVL RACETECH hydrogen ICE and our challenge of feature investigates Dirt Late Model. We have a retro feature covering the Formula Opel/Vauxhall I4 and a show report from PMWE 2023. Our focus articles cover vibration analysis, turbos and superchargers, along with musings from Ian Bamsey over the importance of thorough documentation of race engines plus much more…

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RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY 150 December/January 2024

  • Intro: The Editor - Ian Bamsey considers the 150 issue timespan of RET and explains our policy going forward given the powertrain revolutions that have occurred since issue one
  • Upfront: RET 150 - As Race Engine Technology reaches 150 issues we consider the futuristic Le Mans H24EVO and current and forthcoming Formula One power plants
  • Dossier: AVL RACETECH hydrogen ICE - Wayne Ward delves into details of the development of this water-injected I4 customer race engine fuelled by hydrogen – a potential alternative to battery-electric in the quest for environmentally friendly motorsport power solutions
  • Focus: Turbos and superchargers - Matt Grant talks to suppliers of these power boosters about the advances they are making in their design and manufacturing
  • Challenge of: Dirt Late Model - Ian Bamsey discusses with Jack Cornett the developments needed over the past 12 years to keep his Big Bore Small Block Chevrolet in the winner’s circle on unpaved ovals across America
  • Retro: Formula Opel/Vauxhall I4 - Ian Bamsey charts the development of a renowned power unit, which is still raced in Formula Opel 30 years after its production ended
  • Show report: PMWE 2023 - This year’s expo played host to a wide variety of products for hydrogen-based propulsion. Gemma Hatton provides a round-up of those and other innovations
  • Musings: Ian Bamsey - Ian Bamsey highlights the importance of thorough documentation of race engines as provided by RET by exploring the quandary over the 1940s Indy 500 front running Fageol I6
  • Focus: Vibration analysis - Measuring or simulating vibrations in an IC engine – and obtaining data from them – is vital for their control as Matt Grant explains
  • PS: Indy engines not Indy race engines - Ian Bamsey highlights more 1940-1989 IndyCar engine projects that were serious but nevertheless failed to power a starter in the Indianapolis 500

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