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Rally Race Technology - Volume 8

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Michel Nanden and an insight into rally aero. A dossier on the M-Sport Fiesta R5 MKII and a tech review of WRC 2019. We look at the Proton Iriz R5 and the Paddon Rallysport Hyundai I20 AP4, as well as a focus article covering differentials.

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December 2019

Snow, gravel, tarmac: today’s rally car has to be capable of coping with a huge variety of terrain. Where racecars are engineered to exploit the billiard table smooth surfaces of today’s racetracks, the rally car has to be far more versatile. It has to cope with some of the most demanding environments in motorsport and to endure not hours but days of gruelling competition. Rally Race Technology opens up this fascinating world of engineering for a global sport that makes demands like no other. Never has the rally car been more deeply analysed as we provide a unique insight into a world where the engineering is nothing if not radical.

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Although the WRC is likely to set cost caps from 2022, the R5 class shows that technical freedom and tight budgets can still coexist
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Hybrid engines and tube frame chassis heralded for the new WRC regulations in 2022, how Hyundai and Skoda updated their R5 cars, and more…
  • In Conversation: MICHEL NANDAN - Being in the right place at the right time belies this multiple WRC winner’s talent and passion for motorsport, Leigh O’Gorman finds
  • Dossier: M-SPORT FIESTA R5 MKII - Lawrence Butcher reports from M-Sport’s headquarters with details about its new rally car
  • Insight: RALLY AERO - Automated analysis provider AirShaper gives Lawrence Butcher a glimpse into the aero performance of a modern R5 car
  • Technical Review: WRC 2019 - Grey areas in the WRC regulations allowed teams to bring in some major updates for 2019. Lawrence Butcher reports
  • Digest: PROTON IRIZ R5 - Various design features made this supermini a perfect platform for developing an R5 version. Lawrence Butcher reports
  • Focus: DIFFERENTIALS - Lawrence Butcher explains the common types of differential used in rallying, and the key design features for tailoring their operation
  • Digest: PADDON RALLYSPORT HYUNDAI I20 AP4 - Leigh O’Gorman reports on how this Group AP4 animal was developed with a New Zealand slant
  • Appendix - We explain the make-up of the various rallying and rallycross classes and how a typical rally is run
  • Supplier directory - Our listing of the companies providing products and services to the off-road racing community
  • PS: THE JULES II PROTO - We look back at this gloriously outlandish six-wheel Paris-Dakar contender

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