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Uncrewed Systems Technology - Issue 048

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Jarno Puff LikeABird’s CTO and our digest article covers the SWL Robotics Tiburon.  Our dossiers detail the Kodiak Driver as well as the Limbach 2400 DX and 550 EFG. We have an insight into UUVs, alongside our focus articles covering 5G networks and solar power. Our in operation feature investigates the Skypersonic Skycopter, Protegimus Protection and the NXInnovation 100 Envrio and we have a show report from CES 2023 plus much more…

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Uncrewed Systems Technology 048 February/ March 2023

  • Intro - Asleep at the wheel? In California, passengers in driverless taxis are nodding off in the back, leading to a growth in 911 call-outs
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - ZF unveils an SAE Level 4 shuttle for mixed urban traffic, Flowcopter develops a UAV that can lift 150 kg, rFpro uses ray tracing to test vehicle sensors, and much more
  • In conversation: Jarno Puff - LikeAbird’s CTO gives his view of the issues surrounding the design and delivery of UAV cellular comms and solutions
  • Dossier: Kodiak Driver - The US logistics industry is facing a dire shortage of truck drivers, which this autonomous system is designed to address
  • Focus: 5G networks - Uncrewed systems of all kinds are now adopting 5G technology thanks to the emergence of network-specific standards
  • Digest: SWL Robotics Tiburon - Everglades-style airboat propulsion enables this USV to carry out surveys where other marine craft simply cannot go
  • Insight: UUVs - A station-keeping capability is becoming the new trend for UUVs, and that is driving a special range of innovations
  • In operation: Skypersonic Skycopter - NASA is using this UAV, and the company’s Skyrover UGV, to train astronauts in uncrewed vehicle control on Mars
  • Show report: CES 2023 - Innovations in uncrewed perception, navigation and transport were among the highlights at this year’s show
  • Dossier: Limbach 2400 DX and 550 EFG - UAVs are becoming bigger, heavier and more power-hungry, so they need propulsion that offers higher torque, a need this company is meeting with these latest engines
  • In operation: NXInnovation 100 Enviro - This autonomous electric USV is already proven in cleaning up litter and spills in urban waters; it’s portable and low-cost too
  • Focus: Solar power - PV technology is now accessible to smaller companies, and it can enhance the performance of uncrewed systems as well
  • In operation: Protegimus Protection - We look at how this company uses UAVs to maintain the security and safety of large construction, logistics and other sites
  • PS: Internet of quantum UAVs? - The science of quantum computing in UAVs is moving from science fiction to science fact thanks to some recent research

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