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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 010

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Bobby Hambrick, a round up of UAV-related patents and a look at the nuTonomy driverless taxi. A dossier on the HFE H70 marine powertrain, an insight into unmanned space vehicles and a report from CUAV Asia. As well as focus articles covering embedded computing and performance monitoring.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - October/November 2016

Contents include:

  • Intro - A pedal-powered submarine exemplifies the pioneering ethos that characterises unmanned systems 
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - VTOL-quadcopter UAV uses one set of motors for both lift and forward thrust, Lidars become smaller and more cost-effective, chip for autonomous vehicles puts safety first, and much more 
  • In conversation: Bobby Hambrick - The CEO of AutonomouStuff explains his company’s central role in the burgeoning driverless vehicles market 
  • Digest: nuTonomy driverless taxi - We explain what went into the development of this autonomous cab, a fleet of which has become the first to undergo public trials 
  • Focus: Embedded computing - Our guide to the range of board-level computing solutions and standards for autonomous systems 
  • Round-up: UAV-related patents - The pick of this year’s registered unmanned systems concepts from the industry’s most creative minds 
  • Dossier: HFE H70 marine powertrain - Development details behind the transformation of a small displacement marine four-stoke to suit the needs of an autonomous buoy 
  • Insight: Unmanned space vehicles - Space is becoming a proving ground for autonomous systems technology, which is also boosting our efforts to explore and exploit the Solar System 
  • Focus: Performance monitoring - Monitoring the performance of an unmanned platform is vital to its efficiency and reliability – and at the heart of that is an array of sensors 
  • Show report: CUAV Asia - We report from this annual exhibition in Singapore on some of the latest innovations in unmanned solutions for the public and private sectors 
  • PS: Social robots - Details on a new AI-based concept aimed at allowing a humanoid robot to carry out almost any task using knowledge gained from its environment

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