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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 029

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Drone Evolution's technical director John Young as well as dossiers on the Phoenix UAS and the Adelan solid oxide fuel cell. An insight into construction and we look at the Supacat hybrid ATMP. Reports from InterGeo 2019, DSEI 2019 and our tour of Oregon. We look at the Copperstone Helix as well as focus articles covering sonar systems and power management systems.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - December/Janury 2020

  • Intro - Unmanned systems across all domains are maturing to the point where they can prove their ability to operate safely
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Autonomous boats given ‘shape-shifting’ ability, Analog Devices working on Lidar-like silicon radar, Siemens takes on autonomous tram deport project, and much more
  • In conversation: John Young - The technical director of Drone Evolution bases his engineering philosophy on the KISS principle, as he explains here
  • Dossier: Phoenix UAS - This variable-buoyancy craft takes a propulsion principle from the 19th century and marries it with state-of-the art technology
  • Focus: Sonar systems - How sonar technology is meeting the growing demand for UUVs to carry out extended missions and at greater depths
  • Insight: Construction - Why autonomy looks to be just the thing for an industry that has been beset by poor productivity and safety records
  • Show report: InterGeo 2019 - We detail some of the key technology takeaways from this exhibition of geo-information and land management solutions
  • Digest: Supacat hybrid ATMP - Details of this UGV for the armed forces, which offers the choice of autonomy or manned/remote operation
  • Dossier: Adelan solid oxide fuel cell - If you have a small USV and access to a supply of almost any fuel containing hydrogen, this technology could be for you
  • Report: Oregon tour - We take a trip around the Beaver State to get first-hand details of what some of its UAV developers are working on right now
  • Show report: DSEI 2019 - Features of the unmanned systems that were on show at this defence and security exhibition
  • In operation: Copperstone Helix - Screw propulsion allows this vehicle to traverse and monitor the condition of mine waste dumps. Here’s how it works
  • Focus: Power management systems - Safety, reliability and security are the watchwords for power management systems these days. We explain how developers are meeting those requirements
  • PS: Deep learning for autonomy - Using multiple sources of data and imitating expert human drivers may be the way forward for high-level ground vehicle autonomy

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