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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 031

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Jennifer Andrews, Bell's project lead on a major NASA project. We have dossiers on the EasyMile EZ10 shuttle commuting platform and Turbotech TP-R90/TG-R55 powertrain. Our focus articles look at the subjects of engine ancillary systems and infotainment systems.  Our insight looks at UGVs and we have a show preview of the postponed Oceanology International show.  We digest the gasoline-electric Quaternium HYBRIX 2.1 quadcopter and the Clearpath Robotics Jackal UGV.  Finally we look at the operation of the Roboat USV designed to perform commercial and municipal duties.  All this and more...

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Unmanned Systems Technology 031 April/May 2020

  • Intro - Engineers’ response to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Large UAV with distributed autopilot unveiled, decentralised algorithm allows safer swarming, and much more
  • In conversation: Jennifer D Andrews - What does it take to spark a love of aerospace engineering? Bell’s project lead on a major NASA project gives her reasons
  • Dossier: EasyMile EZ10 shuttle - Key facets of this autonomous commuting platform are its facility for ongoing development and its emphasis on enterprise-level security. Here’s how it was developed
  • Focus: Engine ancillary systems - We explain how progress in the technology behind these systems is enabling them to dovetail with the needs of UAV engines
  • Insight: UGVs - On top of their growing range of workaday applications, UGVs are also gaining traction for an array of specialised duties
  • Show update: Oceanology International 2020 - Despite its postponement until December, we have a preview of some marine technologies that are already arriving
  • Digest: Quaternium HYBRiX 2.1 - Technological maturity of, and iterations in, various aspects of its design have been the enablers for extending the range of this gasoline-electric quadcopter
  • Dossier: Turbotech TP-R90/TG-R55 - This powertrain combination conquers the problems with small turbine engines for commercial UAVs. We report on how the company behind them was able to do so
  • In Operation: Roboat - Deploying a USV to carry out commercial and municipal duties is a perfect fit for Amsterdam’s canal network – which is exactly what the developers of this craft have in mind
  • Focus: Infotainment systems - Driverless vehicles are heralding a profound change in their audio and vision systems, which in turn is driving new developments in their onboard networks. Here are some of the important trends
  • Digest: Clearpath Robotics Jackal - If you’re looking for a portable and rugged UGV to carry out robotics research projects, this UGV should fit the bill. We look at what it offers
  • PS: FusionFlight VTOL UAV - Like a few well-known fighter planes, this UAV has a VTOL function, for which its designers claim some impressive abilities

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