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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 034

Highlights in this issue include an interview with Animal Dynamics' co-founder Adrian Thomas and an investigation into the operation of SeaMachines/MSRC oil-spill skimmer USV. Our dossiers detail the 2getthere 3rd-gen shuttle that is already operating at SAE Level 4 and set to operate in mixed traffic and the Woelfle Aixro family of Wankel rotaries for UAVs. The focus articles dive into the subjects of solar cells and real-time operating systems. Our insight looks at the latest in autonomy for space vehicles and we bring updates from a selection of exhibitors from this years virtual Commercial UAV Expo. Our digest features the VTOL-transitioning tail-sitting Bell APT UAV created for ferrying life-saving supplies. We explore the operation of the Quantum-Systems Covid-19 samples courier that is ensuring swift and safe delivery of virus samples for lab testing. Plus much more...

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Unmanned Systems Technology 034 October/November 2020

  • Intro - The annual Collier Trophy has not been slow to recognise the contribution of autonomy to aeronautic and space technologies
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Lidar system for more accurate spacecraft landings, Damascus steel produced using 3D printing, board-mountable versions of inertial navigation systems announced, and more
  • In conversation: Adrian Thomas - Animal Dynamics’ co-founder explains how animal evolution informs his approach to unmanned systems engineering
  • Dossier: 2getthere 3rd-gen shuttle - Already operating at SAE Level 4, this group rapid transit vehicle is set to operate in mixed traffic. Here’s how that was achieved
  • Focus: Solar cells - Solar power technologies now have the versatility to make them viable for a growing range of unmanned vehicles in every realm
  • Insight: Space vehicles - Autonomy is vital for exploring the Solar System, which is why it is leading to a spate of developments in space systems
  • Update: CUAV 2020 Expo - Like many such events, this year’s expo moved online. But there was still plenty of new UAV kit on show, as we highlight here
  • Digest: Bell APT UAV - The engineering approach behind this VTOL-transitioning tail-sitter created to ferry life-saving supplies to civilians and the military
  • Dossier: Woelfle Aixro family of Wankel rotaries - What started out as a powerplant for kart racing has over the years become a series of variants for UAVs. We look at how the former was developed into the latter
  • In operation: SeaMachines/MSRC oil-spill skimmer USV - Cleaning up marine oil spills can be dangerous and monotonous – perfect then for a suitably designed unmanned system
  • Focus: Real-time operating systems - As unmanned systems gravitate towards using multicore processors to run their software, so the various types of real-time operating systems are becoming more important
  • In operation: Quantum-Systems Covid-19 samples courier - Initial trials show that the need for swift and safe delivery of virus samples for lab testing can be met by this UAV
  • PS: Robots in near-Earth space - How robots are being deployed to carry out maintenance tasks in orbit, and how they could also be used for construction

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