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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 010

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Irizar Group ie truck, a conversation with Andrew Cross the CTO of Integral Powertrain and a digest on the Riversimple Rasa. We have a focus on Battery safety alongside an insight into NVH. We have a deep insight into Wireless charging, take a look at Skateboard platforms and much more...

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  • Intro - The advent of solid-state batteries is set to transform the engineering and safety requirements of EVs over the next several years
  • The Grid - Horizon Aircraft unveils a hybrid eVTOL plane with a redundant gas/electric powertrain, Nissan announces an electric version of its Note car, Nanom develops nanotech-based solid-state batteries, and much more...
  • In conversation: Andrew Cross - Integral Powertrain’s CTO sets out the path that has led to him heading the development of its high-performance e-drives
  • Dossier: Irizar Group ie truck - This electric/hybrid refuse truck is already enjoying the sweet smell of success in various European countries; here’s how it was designed and developed
  • Expo: Skateboard platforms - As the range of skateboard designs grow, we detail the different approaches some of their designers are taking
  • Insight: NVH - OEMs are investing a lot of r&d in assessing the Noise, Vibration and Harshness in and around an EV – here are the tools and methods they use
  • Digest: Riversimple Rasa - 100% recyclability is the ethos behind this hydrogen-powered two-seater roadcar
  • Deep insight: Wireless charging - How agreement on a new SAE standard is spurring a roll-out of different wireless charging designs and technologies
  • Focus: Battery safety - With EV battery fires and fire risks sharpening the focus on their safety, we look at the steps their suppliers are taking to address the issue
  • PS: The Lofstrom loop - If it’s built, this space payload launch system will cut the cost of reaching Low Earth Orbit to only a few dollars per kilo

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