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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 011

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Candela C-7 speedboat, a conversation with Robert Hoevers the CEO of Squad Mobility and a digest on the ZeroAvia hydrogen-electric aircraft. We have focuses on sealing and battery recycling alongside an insight into vehicle dynamics. We have a deep insight into motor materials, take a look towards a 1000-mile range and much more...

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  • Intro - Developments in electric aviation look set to make flights a widespread reality soon
  • The Grid - More powerful connectors for high-voltage EVs unveiled, solid-state lithium sulphur cells in the pipeline, superconductors rated up to 5 kW announced, and much more...
  • In conversation: Robert Hoevers - Squad Mobility’s solar-powered urban ride share EV is designed to meet a growing demand for two-person transportation, as its CEO explains here
  • Dossier: Candela C-7 speedboat - Thanks to its hydrofoiling system, this vessel has speed and endurance, and is now in serial production. We detail the development of its design and engineering
  • Focus: Battery recycling - How EV battery materials are recycled, and why new processes for doing so are likely to grow in importance
  • Insight: Vehicle dynamics - Electric powertrains present different dynamic issues from IC vehicles, which means EV engineers have to take different approaches to their design, as we show here
  • Digest: ZeroAvia hydrogen-electric aircraft - We explain how this aircraft powertrain developer is using hydrogen-electric power to cut the CO2 emissions produced during short-haul flights – the worst culprits
  • Deep insight: Motor materials - Industry insiders share their expertise in choosing the right e-motor materials and designs
  • Focus: Sealing - These unsung but essential components come in different types and materials, so here’s a guide to their uses, what they’re made from and why
  • PS: Towards a 1000-mile range - There’s more to this headline figure than addressing range anxiety, as experts point out

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