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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 018

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on Cake Kalk e-bike and we have a conversation with Asher Bennett the CEO of Tevva Motors. Our deep insight delves into anode materials and our digest article investigates the Eive electric 2CV van. Our focus articles cover battery management systems and automotive biometric, we have an insight into rare earth and magnet-free motors plus much more...

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E-MOBILITY ENGINEERING 018 – March/April 2023

  • Intro - Advances in battery technologies combined with the maturing of hydrogen fuel cell power will combine to the benefit of both
  • The Grid - Consortium including Hofer Powertrain develops a charging system that gives an EV 400 km of range in only 15 minutes, spinel cathode set to improve performance of magnesium batteries, and much more...
  • In Conversation: Asher Bennett - Tevva Motors’ CEO explains his company’s thinking behind offering dual-energy vehicles
  • Dossier: Cake Kalk e-bike - Zero emissions ‘from cradle to gate’ is the aim for this off-road bike’s materials and production
  • Focus: Battery management systems - ‘Flexibility’ is the new buzzword for BMSs, as their developers look to cater for a growing range of EV platforms by reusing common components
  • Insight: Rare earth and magnet-free motors - Ongoing problems with supplies of rare earths for motor magnets is spurring r&d into alternatives – here are some early results of that
  • Digest: Eive electric 2CV van - Built in the UK but using an e-drive developed in France, this deliveries EV for small businesses retains the charm of the IC-engined original
  • Deep insight: Anode materials - While graphite is still the material of choice for battery anodes, other materials are starting to show promise
  • Focus: Automotive biometrics - Insights from experts in biometric technologies on their integration in EVs, applications and implications
  • PS: Better eVTOL landings - How researchers have found a new, more energy-efficient approach to the landing procedures of eVTOL craft

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