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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 022

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Xerotech battery system and we have a conversation with Dr Tilo Schweers. Our deep insight delves into power electronics and our digest article investigates the Suncar ZE150W excavator. Our focus articles cover motor control and axial flux motors as well as a show report from the Battery Show North America 2023 plus much more…

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E-MOBILITY ENGINEERING 022 – November/December 2023

  • Intro - Advances in battery capacity, motor control and power electronics look set to make range anxiety a thing of the past
  • The Grid - Scania tests a hybrid truck with built-in solar panels, ‘mini-tabs’ could help electric aircraft fly faster, Horiba MIRA opens DiL simulator, and much more...
  • In Conversation: Dr Tilo Schweers - This key player in developing the smart cars range tells us what he’s learned about battery EVs
  • Dossier: Xerotech battery system - Need batteries for large off-road vehicles but only a few at a time and in different sizes? This company aims to supply them
  • Focus: Motor control - Efficient motor control is all about the quality of the sine wave used, and there are different techniques for getting it as close to perfect as possible, as we show
  • Report: Battery Show North America 2023 - Thermal management and stopping thermal runaways were the key themes at this show, as highlighted by our round-up of the exhibits
  • Digest: Suncar ZE150W excavator - ‘Next level’ electrification is the principle behind this excavator conversion. We explain what that entailed
  • Deep insight: Power electronics - The latest efforts to boost the performance of IGBTs, SiC and GaN to provide better and more powerful switching solutions
  • Focus: Axial flux motors - Industry experts give their views on which applications are best suited to these ‘pancake’-shaped motors
  • PS: Extinguishing lithium battery fires - We report on the latest r&d into effective ways of dousing lithium-ion thermal runaways

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