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Race Engine Technology - Issue 083

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Nigel Arnfield and a dossier on the RML Nissan Zeod I3 Turbo. The result for Race Engine of the Year 2015, a report from the RET alternative power summit & a look at the Prodrive VW Golf SCRC rally engine. Reports from the PMWE & Advanced Engineering show as well as focus articles covering advanced materials and fuel pumps.

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Issue 83 - December/January 2015

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - If NASCAR abandons pushrod Small Blocks let us hope it continues to reward the efforts of the engine engineer 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - NASCAR heralds a sea change in its Cup engines, additive manufacturing in the DeltaWing, Red Bull calls for new Formula One engines, and much more… 
  • In Conversation: NIGEL ARNFIELD - M-Sport’s senior engine engineer talks to Lawrence Butcher about the company’s development work and plans for the future 
  • Dossier: RML NISSAN ZEOD I3 TURBO - Ian Bamsey investigates the ground-breaking three-cylinder engine overlooked amid the hype surrounding Nissan’s electric Le Mans lap record 
  • RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR: 2014 - Here are the category and overall winners of the Race Engine of the Year 2014, as judged by 50 engine engineers worldwide 
  • Focus: ADVANCED METALS - Wayne Ward reports on recent advances in the manufacture and processing of metals, and the race engine applications they open up 
  • Race Engine Digest: PRODRIVE VW GOLF SCRC RALLY ENGINE - How do you produce a rally engine for the Chinese market in less than 16 weeks? Jon Scoltock finds out 
  • Insight: RET ALTERNATIVE POWER SUMMIT - At PMWE 2014, RET held a panel discussion about modern electric and hybrid race technology. Lawrence Butcher presents its highlights 
  • Report: PMWE & ADVANCED ENGINEERING - Ian Bamsey and RET colleagues go multinational with highlights from this year’s PMWE in Germany and the UK’s Advanced Engineering show 
  • Motorcycle: WORLD SUPERBIKE - The new World Superbike rules aim to differentiate it from MotoGP and make the series cheaper to enter, as Neil Spalding explains 
  • Focus: FUEL PUMPS - David Cooper examines the types of fuel pumps available for racing, and how their design and manufacture has changed in recent years 
  • PS: ROVER V8 TO V6 RALLY ENGINE - David Wood recounts the story of how he turned a 3.5 litre Rover V8 SDI into a V6 ‘mule’ for rallying in the early 1980s

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