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Race Engine Technology - Issue 131

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the world's second-fastest street-legal doorslammer, the Sorceress 10.5 litre V8 twin turbo and we talk to Chris Gilbert of Init Racing about the challenge of keeping classic engines racing. We look at the challenge of Pro Mod and John Coxon reports on nanotechnology in engine oils. Our focus articles explore crankshafts for retro engines and the latest in castings. We have the latest instalment of our e-Race Power Expo feature and much more...

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  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Hydrogen paste could prove to rival the energy density of petrol, breathing longer life into IC race engines
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - We report on what was said at the MIA’s annual Energy Efficient Motorsport Conference about the next set of Formula One regulations, and much more…
  • In Conversation: CHRIS GILBERT - Ian Bamsey learns from the owner of Init Racing about the challenge of keeping classic engines racing
  • Dossier: THE SORCERESS 10.5 LITRE V8 TWIN TURBO - Ian Bamsey investigates the development of this street-legal doorslammer, currently the second-fastest in the world
  • Focus: CRANKSHAFTS FOR RETRO ENGINES - Matt Grant explores how companies call on modern design and manufacturing processes to recreate crankshafts for historic engines
  • Insight: NANOTECHNOLOGY IN ENGINE OILS - John Coxon reports on how a carbon nanotech-based oil additive is helping to set world records in diesel drag racing
  • Challenge Of: PRO MOD - Luke Robinson reports on how one NHRA Pro Mod team is powering its way to championships by using a Roots supercharger with its bespoke engine
  • Focus: CASTINGS - Advances in materials and production methods are keeping casting processes at the forefront of race engine component production, writes Wayne Ward
  • E-RACE POWER - Twente University in the Netherlands looks to field its latest e-race bike in the new Electric Road Racing Association series, and STARD unveils its REVelution modular EV powertrain

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