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Race Engine Technology - Issue 137

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Dodrill KB543 and our discussion with Matt and Angie Smith about their Pro Stock Motorcycle vee-twin. We digest the Ascaso A+5 and look at the challenge of drifting. Our focus articles cover diesel performance pistons and EV cooling components. We report back from PRI 2021 and look at Factory Experimental the new NHRA Factory X series plus much more…

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RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY 137 February/March 2022

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Although the details of Formula One’s 2026 regulations have yet to be announced, we’re not holding our breath over fresh engineering
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - While we wait for the details of the 2026 Formula One regulations, we look at the overall strategy behind them, innovative race engine bearings, and more…
  • In Conversation: MATT AND ANGIE SMITH - Ian Bamsey discovers how Matt and Angie Smith have developed and deployed their Pro Stock Motorcycle vee-twin to multiple NHRA titles
  • Dossier: DODRILL KB543 - It’s taken a lot to turn this 4000 bhp supercharged V8 into a ferocious racer, as Mike Magda explains
  • Holeshot: FACTORY EXPERIMENTAL - Luke Robinson explains the rules and regulations for the upcoming NHRA Factory X series
  • Focus: EV COOLING COMPONENTS - Matt Grant examines the different methods of cooling various parts of electric motorsport powertrains
  • Race Engine Digest: ASCASO A+5 - Wayne Ward reports on how 1950s engine technology inspired this new race unit, which comes in a range of options
  • Show report: PRI 2021 - Ian Bamsey reports on the return of the PRI show. With research at the event by Tim Hailey
  • Challenge Of: DRIFTING - Top-flight Drifting racer James Deane brings Ian Bamsey up to speed on powertrain development for this increasingly competitive sport
  • Focus: DIESEL PERFORMANCE PISTONS - The growing popularity of diesel race engines puts their pistons under huge stress, a challenge that suppliers are meeting. Matt Grant reports
  • E-RACE POWER - Voxan upgrades its Wattman land speed record e-bike, and how Rolls-Royce developed its Spirit of Innovation electric aircraft to become the fastest EV ever
  • PS - Design anonymity of modern Formula One engines means they are nothing like as memorable as those from great marques of the past

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