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Race Engine Technology - Issue 146

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Init Racing Ilmor 265A and our upfront feature covers NASCAR. Our challenge of investigates EV transmissions alongside a show report from Autosport International 2023. Our focus articles cover battery cells and fluid pumps, we also look at the World Solar Challenge plus much more…

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  • Intro: The Editor - NASCAR is caught in a dilemma over attracting more manufacturers to its Cup series, but it might yet have some surprises up its sleeve in that respect
  • Upfront - We canvass some expert views on the current state of NASCAR Cup technology in the wake of last year’s introduction of the ‘Next Gen’ car
  • Grid: In the news - Chevrolet launches its “biggest, baddest” COPO engine ever, Toyota’s Corolla H2 Concept suffers a hydrogen fire during testing, Airspeeder race series announces crewed electric flying vehicle, Honda upgrades its Formula One engine, and more
  • Dossier: Init Racing Ilmor 265A - Ian Bamsey revisits the ‘Chevrolet Indy V8’ he researched in 1988 to discover how Init Racing has brought a brace of them back to life
  • Focus: Battery cells - Matt Grant takes us through the structure, manufacturing and assembly of lithium-ion cells
  • Challenge of: EV transmissions - The need for only one or two speed reduction stages in electric racecar gearboxes creates its own issues, writes Wayne Ward
  • Show report: Autosport International 2023 - Gemma Hatton shares highlights of the return of ASI, and finds that new suppliers are enjoying success after the Covid lockdown
  • e-Race: World Solar Challenge - Wayne Ward reports on this series of events where the aim is to capture and use solar power as efficiently as possible
  • Focus: Fluid pumps - Matt Grant talks to experts about the key design aspects of fluid pumps, and explores a growing trend in them – electrification
  • PS: Sustainable historic racing?John Coxon considers how to keep historic vehicles racing in these eco-conscious times without them losing their inimitable on-track sound and feel

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