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Uncrewed Systems Technology - Issue 047

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Ben Kinnaman the CEO of Greensea Systems, our digest articles cover the Clevon 1 and the Phoenix Wings Orca. Our dossiers detail the Aergility ALTIS and Infinity fuel cells. We have an insight into Geospatial surveys, alongside our focus articles covering AI and propellers. Our in operation feature investigates the BeeX A.IKANBILIS and we have show reports from AUSA 2022 and Intergeo 2022 plus much more…

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Uncrewed Systems Technology 047 December/January 2023

  • Intro - NASA’s latest mission to the Moon highlights the use of uncrewed systems to test out technologies before risking a human crew
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - UAV sees through walls and exploits a wi-fi loophole, new AI system ranks alongside human car drivers, autonomous robotic dog for surveying construction sites, and much more
  • In conversation: Ben Kinnaman - The CEO of Greensea Systems talks to us about the architecture of the company’s OpenSea offshore robotics platform
  • Dossier: Aergility ALTIS - Design a VTOL system that’s simpler and safer than a helicopter, yet more efficient than an autogyro, and this is one result
  • Focus: AI - Using neural networks for image processing comes down to training and inference. We explain how they are carried out
  • Digest: Clevon 1 - The development story behind this UGV, which has been designed and optimised for last-mile deliveries of parcels
  • Insight: Geospatial surveys - New uncrewed systems are proving to be superior to crewed vehicles for geospatial work, making them the go-to choice
  • Show report: Intergeo 2022 - Our selection of the uncrewed technology and product highlights at this year’s geospatial survey and mapping show
  • Show report: AUSA 2022 - Some of the key offerings for military applications unveiled at this annual Association of the US Army exhibition
  • Dossier: Infinity fuel cells - The need to vent a fuel cell’s waste water to the ambient air makes the technology unsuitable for underwater and space applications, but this company has found an answer to that
  • In operation: BeeX A.IKANBILIS - How this multi-thruster hovering AUV, and a technology called adaptive autonomy, is proving ideal for windfarm inspections
  • Focus: Propellers - Uncrewed systems builders want propellers with more thrust and longer lifespans, prompting a range of innovations by suppliers
  • Digest: Phoenix Wings Orca - How this cargo-carrying UAV has been designed in-house to maximise its range, number of deliveries – and profit
  • PS: Seabed ‘harvesting’ robots - In the search for valuable metal ores, mining companies are turning to the ocean floor. Here’s one eco-friendly approach

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