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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 037

Highlights in this issue include an interview with Volocopter's CTO Dr Arnaud Coville and we look into the operation of Icarus' swarming control architecture. Our dossiers detail the SAE Level 4 autonomous Einride next-gen Pod and the Vanguard EFI/ETC vee twins. The focus articles dive into the subjects of battery technology and transponders. Our insight looks at UGVs and we report on the IDEX 2021 show. Our digest looks at the fifth version of the EvoLogics Sonobot hydrographic survey USV plus much more...

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Unmanned Systems Technology 037 April/May 2021

  • Intro - The anticipated maiden flight of the Ingenuity helicopter over the surface of Mars highlights the challenge of battery energy density
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Custom hardware for fault-tolerant software, USV project to gather offshore wind farm data, Hyundai unveils first space exploration UGV, new valves make hydrogen tank transport safe, and more
  • In conversation: Dr Arnaud Coville - Volocopter’s CTO explains why he joined the company and how he has come to lead the development of its urban air taxis
  • Dossier: Einride next-gen Pod - SAE Level 4 autonomy and cooperative sensing will allow this delivery truck to transform logistics, its developers say
  • Focus: Battery technology - We look at the cell technology options for addressing the trade-offs in battery design for unmanned systems
  • Digest: Dive Technologies AUV-Kit - How this proven set of subsystems, plus additive manufacturing, allow the company to build AUVs of different sizes within weeks
  • Insight: UGVs - Ground vehicles are earning their safety credentials during the pandemic by taking on tasks normally performed by people
  • Dossier: Vanguard EFI/ETC vee twins - Originally deployed as general-purpose utility engines, these Small Block and Big Block four-strokes are now appearing in unmanned systems. Here’s the story of their development
  • In operation: Icarus Swarms - UAV swarming operations don’t necessarily need fixed comms with a GCS – this company does it by embedding algorithms in each craft to allow it to react to obstacles or a subsystem failure
  • Focus: Transponders - Emerging standards will allow UAV transponder technology to be certified for certain operations and airspaces. That is bringing with it advances in their capabilities, as we explain
  • Digest: EvoLogics Sonobot 5 - The fifth version of this hydrographic survey USV represents a complete external and internal design rethink over its predecessors. We report on what it offers now
  • Report: IDEX 2021 - Implementing Covid safety measures enabled this show to buck the current trend toward virtual exhibitions. Here are our highlights of the components and unmanned systems that were on display
  • PS: The Eelume snakebot - Unlike other snakebots, this one is fitted with thrusters that allow it travel further under water for oil & gas infrastructure inspections

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