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Thermal barrier coatings

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There are a number of coating companies offering thermal barrier coatings, and some claim that internal combustion engine valves are an ideal candidate for these types of coatings. There are many whose advertisements target the racing community in particular. The coatings that these companies offer are generally quite thin ceramic coatings which offer very low thermal conductivity compared to the valve material. We should at this point note that a titanium valve has very much lower thermal...

High grade valve springs for offshore racing

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Van Dyne Engineering of Huntington Beach, California keeps it local when looking for valve springs to fit their big block Chevrolet engines used for offshore racing. Building for the American Power Boat Association's (APBA) Super Cat two-time World champion and 11-time Western Division titleholder 36-foot The Renegade, driven by Garden Grove's Craig Ferguson, Stewart Van Dyne II and Stewart Van Dyne III (Tres) specify Tool Room valve spring material by Isky Racing Cams from nearby...

Pushrods on the water

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"Any time we need a 3/8-inch diameter pushrod with a 0.120 wall, we go to Manley Performance Products of Lakewood, New Jersey," state Stewart Van Dyne II and Stewart Van Dyne III (Tres) of Van Dyne Engineering in Huntington Beach, California. Pushrod sizing is important for the 830-horsepower, 510-cubic-inch big block Chevrolet (with spec heads and manifold) that the Van Dyne father-and-son combo prepare for the American Power Boat Association (APBA) Super Cat used by two-time...