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Exhaust materials and their effect on design

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Exhaust system design is a complex affair in some racing categories, especially where packaging around the engine is tight; motorcycles and single-seat racecars can be particularly challenging in this respect. If tubes are too small, have the wrong cross-sectional shape, are bent too tightly or are bent through too great an angle, engine performance can suffer significantly. On the dyno, many engine suppliers test with very durable dyno exhaust systems that are fairly straight and easy to...

The differing demands of touring car exhausts

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While single-seater racing hogs most of the limelight in Europe, at least as far as TV time is concerned, there are some very popular national racing series based on touring cars that are a real hit with fans of live motorsport. The World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) is starting to attain the same level of popularity, and deservedly so – the quality of the entries in terms of the machinery and drivers is very high. Many of the national championships and the World Touring Car series...

Exhausts for motorcycle rally raid competition

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Many of us are probably familiar with the fact that for many years there has been an event called the Paris-Dakar rally. It is often highlighted by the fact that it has been well supported by motor manufacturers as well as star drivers in the cars and buggies – famous names from rallying such as Ari Vatanen, Juha Kankunnen and Carlos Sainz, as well as circuit-racing specialists such as Henri Pescarolo, Jacky Ickx and Jean-Louis Schlesser. During the winter, when motorsport on TV is...

Le Mans exhausts

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Not so many years ago, there was a united cry from all the teams in LM P1 not running diesels at Le Mans: “We can’t win”, and on the whole they were right. The rules are more balanced now though, and the diesel battle no longer exists. Audi is the only diesel LM P1 entrant, and competing with it are gasoline hybrids from Toyota and Porsche, to be joined soon by Nissan. Audi needs to remain competitive in the face of new competition, and its latest diesel engine seems to be...

MotoGP exhausts

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MotoGP exhausts   I loved two-stroke Grand Prix motorcycle racing, especially the top 500 cc class. The bikes were light and difficult to ride, and I never had any illusions that I would be able to tame one of them. The four-stroke class has brought us machines with an incredible amount of power, and engines that are more closely related to those in their road-going cousins. As such, the bike manufacturers turned away from two-strokes largely because of emissions. The four-stroke...