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World Superbike configurations

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At the recent Monza World Superbike round, I asked Marcus Eschenbacher, crew chief to Cal Crutchlow at Sterilgarda Yamaha, about their choice of exhaust configuration. As many who work in Formula One or study it will know, the exhaust systems on each side of the engine are arranged in a 'four-into-one' collector with four primary pipes coming together in a single collector on each side. The arrangement is often abbreviated to '4-1', denoting four pipes converging into one...

Diesel Particulate Filters

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Diesel fuel is extremely popular for automotive use, particularly in Europe where, for some manufacturers, diesel vehicles account for more than 50% of sales. Part of the reason is that, in some countries, diesel fuel is much cheaper than petrol (gasoline). In the Netherlands, for instance, petrol is 30% more expensive than diesel. But even in countries where diesel comes at a premium compared to petrol, such as the UK, diesel vehicle sales continue to account for an increasing percentage...

Tight bends

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In previous articles, Wayne Ward looked at processes by which we might produce bends with different geometry than we can form using simple tube bending techniques, and here we briefly covered hydroforming and the manufacture of pressed bends. If we really need to cram an exhaust into a very tight space, these might offer us some advantage by allowing a very tight bend. However, we should question whether gaining this advantage comes at a cost. In some circumstances the answer to this...

Feeling the Heat (4)

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In the previous RET Monitor article on the subject of exhaust insulation, we looked at plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings for exhaust systems. In preceding articles, we have examined the reasons why thermal insulation of exhaust systems is necessary in certain applications, and advantageous in many others. An alternative to coating the exhaust system are the various types of thermally insulating wrappings, which may be in the form of a metallic 'bag' or 'blanket' or...

Feeling the heat (3)

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In previous articles, we have looked at why we might choose to insulate the exhaust system of a racing vehicle, the various methods by which we might insulate the exhaust and what the consequences of doing so might be. In light of this, we discussed exhaust coatings with a British company, one of whose specialities is the application of thermal barrier coatings to exhaust systems. Zircotec, who are based in the middle of an area rich in motorsport expertise, have a number of exhaust...