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The previous rockers article in RET-Monitor looked at the important matter of component stiffness; with the advent of the now widely used Spintron testing, engineers began to see the value of increased rocker stiffness when considering the ability of the valvetrain to remain under control. The same reasons that pushed people along the development path of increased pushrod stiffness also led them to consider again the use of steels and other high-stiffness materials for rocker manufacture....

Valve springs can't take Pro Stock revs

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Larry Morgan is the only driver in NHRA Pro Stock professional racing to have campaigned a Ford Mustang throughout the 2011 Full Throttle Drag Racing Series season. Although he came close, he didn't make the play-off Countdown to One. He's developed the Ford's engine throughout last year and into this, and the major problem he's had with his engine is valve springs. Like most Pro Stock entrants, he's increased his rev range into the 11,000 rpm range and, as he says,...

Empty heads?

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There are few components in a race engine that, given a free hand in terms of design and development, we wouldn't choose to make a little lighter. However, there can also be few components in the engine where the effect of lightening is potentially more potent than the reciprocating parts of the valvetrain. In particular, 'clean sheet' engine designs allow us to fully optimise around well designed valvetrain components. Production car makers have long realised the benefits of low...