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Oil Seal Elastomers

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The humble rotating shaft seal may be an afterthought for many a designer but its history is certainly never lacking in acronyms! Early lip seals were made using a nitrile rubber. Now referred to, as NBR the application was limited to working temperatures of no more than 90-100 degree C immediately under the lip at the rubbing surface. Changes in seal designs at this stage to use much narrower contact points not only improved its performance, but also reduced the amount of heat generated...

Exhaust Manufacture: Future directions

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For those of you following the ‘Focus’ articles in Race Engine Technology magazine, it is clear that recent changes and improvements in manufacturing technology have improved the products being examined, and this is undoubtedly true for most machined parts, and also for parts produced by casting and forging too. Clearly the CNC revolution has not left the world of fabrication untouched with many operations controlled by computer being more accurate than the average man could ever...

Lock and Load

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In the recent Race Engine Technology magazine article on the subject of fasteners, Wayne Ward touched on the subject of locking nuts and locking thread inserts. There are a great many applications where the loss of a fastener is not critical to the operation of the system as a whole; indeed it is common to build in a certain level of redundancy into a bolted or riveted joint for loss or failure of fasteners and the accompanying loss of pre-load. Again, even in this situation, the physical...

The Football Revolution

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I think it was the great Liverpool F. C. manager Bill Shankly who once professed that football wasn’t a matter of life and death – it was more important than that. But strangely enough, the words – ‘football’, ‘life’, and ‘oils’ have all come together recently making substantial improvements to gearbox durability especially those with sequential changes.Transmission oils are similar, in many ways, to your typical engine crankcase product;...

Oil Pump Cavitation

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Apart from the accidental ingress of debris, the greatest danger to any design of oil pump, particularly one of the gear tooth design, is that of cavitation. Commonly found in centrifugal pumps also, the presence of this phenomenon and the resulting surface erosion is often confusing to the uninformed. A complex process having one of many causes, for an adequate explanation we need to understand and explore some of the more basic principles of fluid mechanics. In particular if we consider...