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How to adjust your sets

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In our May issue, we spoke about the challenges of pushrod fitment issues and how to find the proper avenues for combating strength and lightness problems. Beyond fitment though, there are the closely linked issues of pushrod adjustment and the inevitable challenge of cost. Fine adjustment will always be needed in the valvetrain to allow for manufacturing and assembly tolerances of such a long chain of interacting components. Typically for pushrods, much more adjustment than that is...

Changing valve-spring specifications to save money

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For Morgan Lucas Racing's John Stewart, tuner for second-year NHRA Top Fuel driver Shawn Langdon, the change from titanium valve springs to steel units was due to the cost. "A set of titanium springs is about $1500, and we can get a set of steel springs for about $500. They seem to last just as long," Stewart says. "With the economy and money as tight as it is, we're trying to save as much as we can. The cost difference of $1000 is a big deal. You can buy a lot of sets...

Domed Valve Heads

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In racing valvetrains, there is always an imperative to reduce reciprocating mass, as it allows the valvetrain engineer to be more aggressive with his cam profiles in an attempt to improve the valve lift curve, by increasing lift, increasing the area under the curve and so on. This will generally require greater valve acceleration or deceleration.If we are constrained to using the existing valve design, we may be able to cope with increased forces and stresses due to increased...