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Le Mans exhausts

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The Le Mans 24 Hour race is a very stern test of man and machine. 24-hour racing is a team event possibly more than any other in motorsport, and requires more effort and more concentration over the course of a race than any other type of racing. In terms of mechanical stress and strain, the load cycles just keep coming. The mechanical aspect of motorsport is typically concerned with making the lightest piece of equipment suitable for performing its task and which won't break before the...

Tightening using torque and angle

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In the previous two articles on the subject of fastener tightening, we looked at two methods of pre-loading threaded fasteners - torque control and the turn-of-nut method. The method of torque tensioning remains a favourite; anyone with a torque wrench can use this method, but a lot of engineers are wary of it because of the variability of factors that influence the load. Friction is the main variable; it changes with materials, surface finish, lubricant, and is often worryingly...

Fuel filters

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Anyone who has ever dismantled the carburettor (remember them?) of their beloved classic is likely to have noticed, hiding somewhere in the corner at the bottom of the float chamber, a small amount of sediment. Consisting sometimes of quite large granular particles - bits of rust, dirt, sealant or other contaminants - these will have travelled from the fuel tank through some kind of coarse mesh filter past the fuel pump and into the carburettor. Finding their way past the float chamber...

The turbocharger revolution - using electric motors

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The phenomenon of turbo lag could eventually become a thing of the past if current developments come to fruition. The inherent characteristic of a turbocharged power unit - referring to the initial delay between pressing the throttle pedal and the arrival of power at the driven wheels - can be of great concern, and is often one of the obstacles to a wider uptake of the technology. It is somehow easy to forget that when turbochargers last ruled the roost in Formula One, many OE engine...

Oil lines

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Most race engines will feature a lubrication system with external oil lines, either to supply different sections of the engine with oil or to link to external components such as oil tanks. The design and construction of these lines can often be overlooked in the grand scheme of things; however, poor-quality lines can be disastrous for reliability, while good design and choice of material can bring considerable benefits in terms of vehicle packaging. For many years the standard has been...