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Data logging

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No matter how good your engine dynamometer may be, it is all but useless without the necessary data logging equipment. There is a plethora of different data logging systems available to engine builders, providing all of the functionality they could wish for, but one key factor needs to be considered when choosing the right equipment, and that is the sample rate at which it can operate. Sample rate is the measure of the number of readings that can be taken in a set period of time, and is...

Dual-clutch transmissions

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For many years, sequential transmissions using dog engagement have been the standard fitment for most serious racing machinery, thanks largely to their durability and short shifting time. However, Seat’s latest Leon Cup touring car features a dual-clutch, semi-automatic transmission as an option, similar to those found in many new roadcars. Beyond this latest manufacturer effort, there are also a number of racers at club level successfully running cars equipped with Porsche’s...

Preventing roller lifters from rotating

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An important element in improving engine performance is the optimisation of the valve lift curve to maximise the mass of trapped charge in the engine. In an engine with an overhead valve (pushrod) valvetrain, the change from flat-faced lifters (also known as flat tappets) to roller lifters has given design and development engineers greater freedom when synthesising new lift profiles. It is true that the fastest NASCAR class, Sprint Cup, has engines that are equipped with flat tappets, but...