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KERS lives on...

kersWhile KERS has been banished from Formula One for the 2010 season, there are many in the paddock that have seen its worth in racing and relevance to modern road cars. Therefore, there is the plausibility that this item could return in 2011.

In sports car competition, Zytek produced a hybrid system that was used by the Corsa Motorsports team in the latter stages of the 2009 American Le Mans Series, albeit to a mere fraction of its potential.

While Corsa were not seen on the grid for the first race of the year in Sebring, Zytek is "currently in negotiation with Corsa Motorsports with regards to their 2010 programme," Christopher Foster told me.

Zytek continues to develop its hybrid system and although it is not ready for usage at this time, the UK-based firm is succinct in its desire to see its Zytek Performance Hybrid (ZPH) system utilised throughout all forms of modern motor sport.

The ZPH uses the lessons learned with the firm's early experience with the Q10 sports car project, "But will use bespoke motor racing parts in contrast to the heavily road-based Q10 system," Foster stated. The rationale is to enable a more efficient hybrid system, with double the power density of Q10's componentry.

Still in its infancy, the Zytek Performance Hybrid system is being cultivated strictly as a "bolt on" hybrid, in order that it can be fitted to a wide variety of motorsport platforms - including oval racing," RET-Monitor was told. "The system will be ideally suited for one make formulae, GT and Touring Car championships, Rally cars, single seat racing or any other series or manufacturer looking to utilise hybrid power in a cost effective manner."


In fact, Ben Bowlby, designer of the DeltaWing chassis that's in the running for use as the 2012 tub in the IZOD IndyCar Series is attuned to the system. "The DeltaWing concept is a platform for showcasing technology that enhances performance through improvements in efficiency, cost, safety, recyclability and longevity," he told RET-Monitor. "The goal is to allow race team, supplier, sponsor and fan directed development within a sustainable and relevant manner."

When fully developed, Zytek expects the ZPH hybrid system to weigh approximately 50 kg and produce about 40 kW of power.

Fig. 1 - Zytek Hybrid Technology KERS system

Written by Anne Proffit

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