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Rockers - material choices

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Rockers are a critical element in the valvetrain of any overhead-cam engine, and so we should not be surprised to find that their development continues to be the subject of much activity in racing circles. Much of the racing in the US, for example - including the incredibly popular NASCAR categories and their various 'feeder' series - is based on engines using the overhead-cam (pushrod) valvetrain. In recent years, NASCAR has allowed the various competitors in its Sprint Cup race...

Using a small valve spring on a highly boosted four-cylinder engine

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Containing a valvetrain that works with a four-cylinder, heavily boosted engine that develops more than 1000 hp should be a difficult enterprise, but Time Attack factory Scion (Toyota) team WORLD Racing is having no problems with its steel coil valve springs. Time Attack, which is a form of American road racing where the car-driver tandem compete for a time slip is "a bit of road racing with a bit of a drag racing element to it," according to Rob Cardona, WORLD Racing's...

Methods of closing hollow valves

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In the recent Race Engine Technology article on valves, there was some discussion of the merits of hollow valves, and indeed the subject has been covered by Anne Proffit and I in these Monitor articles in the past. We should briefly restate here the reasons for hollow valves. The first and more obvious reason is mass reduction in cases where a reduction in stem axial stiffness does not compromise the proper action of the valve or present problems through lack of bending stiffness. The...