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Under the microscope

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The article on Advanced Metals last month briefly touched on some materials which have been tried and tested in Formula One with varying degrees of success, and in this article we shall look a little deeper at some of the materials currently being used or under investigation, and examine how these differ from the more traditional grades used. Whilst Formula One is frozen at present in terms of introduction of new materials owing to the homologation of the engines, we should not fool...

Emerging Materials

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The field of materials and metallurgy has a big role to play in racing engine design, especially in those categories where the regulations allow emerging materials to be used. Unfortunately Formula One is now very limited in this respect and, before engine development was frozen, people worked hard and spent lots of money to get materials close to the imposed limits, especially the specific modulus rule where a maximum of 40GPa g-1 cm3 applies to metallic materials. There is always a push...

MMC Finds More Motor Sport Applications

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There are several successful applications of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) materials in Formula One, although their use in engines is currently banned. MMCs have also been used in other forms of motorsport, and are finding an ever-increasing number of interesting applications.A Metal Matrix Composite can be defined as an engineered material made from at least two substances, at least one of which is a metal, each having substantially different chemical or physical properties, and each of...