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Top Gear

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Few of us give our oil pump a second’s thought. So long as that big red light on the dashboard keeps going out at the required time and doesn’t flash too much when the engine is hot and idling, then all would seem to be well. But the poor old engine designer, when setting out at the initial design stage, has much to think about. To begin with, he realises his engine will need lubricating oil flow to the main and big end bearing assemblies. Notice the word flow and not pressure....

Heart health

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The oil pump in any engine has been likened to the human heart. At the core of operations it provides the essential life-giving fluid to all the other components and surfaces in the system. And while there are many other similarities, unlike the human heart, the oil pump seems to be accepted as some form of necessity but given very little attention thereafter. In part I guess this attitude stems from our road-going transport habits. Buried away deep inside the power unit and out of sight,...

Commonality the aim

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NASCAR is moving toward parts commonality in nearly every facet of its competition. Currently, discussions are underway to produce an oil pump system that is common to all three of NASCAR’s national series: Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series.While this change likely will not occur until the 2010 season begins, NASCAR is considering announcing a rules change midway through the current campaign. Communising parts between the three series should eventually...