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Cavitation Shotless Peening

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Most people in the high performance world recoil when they hear a reference to cavitation. Cavitation, the formation of vapour bubbles in a flowing liquid, is usually the prelude to component failure, particularlywith propellers, impellers, pumps, and all forms of hydraulic machinery. In some cases, even cylinder heads have been known to fail from this phenomenon. Cavitation occurs when the pressure of a liquid stream falls below its vapour pressure. As bubbles form and then collapse...

Super Finishing Metals

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For years now, race component manufacturers have closely guarded their proprietary metal super finishing processes. Using increasingly finer grinding mediums to produce the desired surface finish whilst still complying with the precise geometric requirements of the component. Grinding is the traditional final metal finishing operation performed on engineered metal-to-metal contact surfaces such as roller bearings and some gears. It results in a surface with a unidirectional ridged...

Next generation passivation treatments

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Non-electrolytic passivation (often referred to as conversion coating) is one of the most common treatments for aluminum surfaces that need to be made corrosion resistant, while still remaining conductive electrically. Because of its ease of processing, it is one of the lowest cost anticorrosion preparations available.Chromate conversions (‘Iridite’ and ‘Alodine’) have been the traditional passivation application for aluminum alloys, both wrought and cast. The...