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Superfinishing of transmission gears

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The gears in racing transmissions are subject to loads that far exceed those in production cars. As such, careful attention needs to be paid to gear construction and design to ensure they are reliable and efficient. In the past we have looked at gear materials and manufacturing methods, as well as the benefits of surface coatings such as DLC. However, there is another useful technique that can be used to improve the performance and reliability of gears: superfinishing. It is well...

Gear materials

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The materials selected for use in transmission systems, particularly the gears, play an important role in the reliability and efficiency of racing transmissions. In this month’s article we will take an initial look at those materials. Materials for gears in general can be divided in two categories: metallic and non-metallic. Unsurprisingly, gears in racing transmissions fall into the first group. Although there is ongoing research into the potential uses of composite materials for...

Developing a DLC coating for Formula One transmissions

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Transmission durability in Formula One is of utmost importance. The transmission must be as lightweight as possible, yet still provide sufficient durability to ensure reliable race performance, particularly as it now has to last for five races by regulation. In recent years the use of DLC (diamond-like carbon) coatings in transmission applications in Formula One has become widespread. The impact of such coatings on transmission efficiency and durability can be considerable, netting useful...

EV transmissions

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It is a popular myth that electric and hybrid vehicles, thanks to their use of electric motors capable of delivering maximum torque from zero rpm, do not need a transmission. But while it is perfectly feasible to run an electric motor (or motors) directly driven to the wheels, it is increasingly common to use a transmission, particularly among EV racers. Why is this? The answer is that, by using different ratios, the efficiency of a motor can be increased by ensuring that it is operating...

Transmission dynamometers

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Being able to measure transmission losses accurately is a very useful capability when it comes to optimising a racecar package, and is particularly important in series where regulations ensure that engine power outputs are closely matched. In such series, very small percentage power gains can have a considerable impact on competitiveness. This means that any reductions in parasitic losses due to improvements in transmission efficiency can be decisive in the hunt for victory. The usual...