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Dynamometer Testing Facility

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RET was recently invited to Jaguar Land Rover’s PCC – Product Compliance Centre – at their Solihull plant to witness the CO2 emissions testing of the 2009 BTCC race cars. Whilst there we had the opportunity to see what goes into a truly world-class vehicle testing facility.The PCC consists of two, four-wheel drive rolling road dynamometers, Cell 1 and Cell 2. Hatton Systems Ltd are responsible for the dynamometer equipment and control systems and Horiba for the gas...

Back Torque Limiters

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Back Torque Limiters - what are they and why would you possibly need one?More commonly known as slipper clutches the back torque limiter has been one of the major growth businesses in motorcycling during the last few years.Its all about grip and smoothness. Motorcycles have tiny tyre contact patches compared to cars and the racers that can manage that contact patch and maximise the grip available will be the winners.. A back torque limiter is a clutch that deliberately slips in a smooth...

In a nutshell

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Despite the general movement of production engines toward smaller displacement, overhead-cam designs, single-cam-in-block-pushrod-rocker arm V8 engines are firmly rooted in several popular segments of the stateside motor sports world (NASCAR Cup, Truck, NHRA Top Fuel, Funny Car, etc.). In these (and other) areas of extreme racing, the engineering challenges to make a pushrod-rocker valve system operate reliably above 8000 rpm are severe. To make a pushrod valvetrain work at all at 10,000...

Profiles critical to performance

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There is a conventional wisdom that has developed around intake valve configuration: cylinder heads equipped with ports inclined at narrow valve angle to the valve stem should have conical, or ‘tuliped’ back faces, and ports that have significant bend at the intake valve should have shallow back angles i.e. the classic ‘nail head’ shape present in so many large pushrod engines. While this is true much of the time, there are exceptions, and frequently the desired point...


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Recently, RET has covered valve spring design and measurement extensively, but it is almost impossible to discuss valve spring design without mentioning the desmodromic system which is used nowadays exclusively by Ducati.The term Desmodromic is coined from the Greek words ‘desmos’, which means ‘controlled’, or ‘linked’, and ‘dromos’, which means ‘course’, or ‘track’. In modern engineering terms desmodromic refers to a...