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Highlights in this issue include the second part of our Porsche 919 exclusive, with this insight looking at the E-drive aspect of the Le Mans-winning powertrain. We have a dossier on the Aston Martin Cosworth V12 as well as an insight into the challenge of NHRA Pro Stock EFI. We report on heat shielding options for racecar powertrains as well as reviewing Autosport Engineering 2020. We have the latest instalment of our e-Race Power Expo and our focus articles cover engine inspection and surface treatments for AM components.

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For four heady years of competition between up to four manufacturers, the World Endurance Championship lived the true spirit of technical innovation within the quest for fuel efficiency, more so even than contemporary Formula One. For the last three of those four years - 2015 through 2017 - Porsche - after a learning year returning to Prototype racing in 2014 - won Le Mans and the Manufacturers’ title in the World Endurance Championship each season. 

Porsche’s 900 bhp power unit for its 2014-2017 919 LM P1 car demonstrated what is possible when the quest is to maximise performance from a given amount of fuel within the context of a hybridised power unit and without the shackles current rules impose upon the Formula One power plant. This is a World title winning hybrid powertrain that is not a refinement within a template imposed by rule makers but one optimally designed as fit for purpose.

RET 124 presents in depth the story of this remarkable power unit that went on allow a ‘formula libre’ version of the Porsche 919 to set new lap time benchmarks at Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 2018. It is an unrivalled investigation into the state of the art in fuel flow limited racing. Don’t miss what will be one of the most exclusive and talked about issues of RET of recent times!

Other highlights in this issue include a look at the challenge of GTE racing, focuses on vibration analysis and friction reduction.  We report back from PRI 2019 and have the latest edition of our E-Race Power Expo feature.

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Highlights in this issue include a conversation with DS Techeetah's team principal and the challenge of Aquabike. A dossier on the M-sport Ford Fiesta R5 I4 Turbo as well as an insight into Toyota Racing Development USA. The results of Race Engine of the Year 2019, reports from Testing Expo North America and PMWE 2019 as well as focus articles covering computer aided manufacturing (CAM), turbo's and superchargers.

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Volumes 1 - 10 of Drag Race Technology. All volumes will be dispatched from our office immediately. Buying all the issues together here saves you 20% over buying the issues individually! 

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Highlights in this issue include a conversation with HPD’s Mark Crawford as well as an update on the Yamaha MotoGP I4. A dossier on the Bolt HRC-4 I4 Turbo, the challenge of Moto3 with KTM and we look at Hybrids in the WRC. Focus articles on component lifting, valves and piston rings, we also detail the Race Engine of the Year 2019 Nominations. E-Race Power Technology contains a conversation with Mercedes-Benz’s Ian James as well as looking at the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218.

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Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Renault F1's technical director Remi Taffin and the challenge of F1H20 World Championship. A report from the British Grand Prix 2019 and Engine Expo 2019, as well as a dossier on the Outkast Racing Engines RY45 Late Model v8. We investigate the Team Bath Formula Student KTM Turbo, the EDL Judd DB and the Suzuki NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle. As well as a focus article covering transmissions.

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Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Norio Aoki from Toyota Gazoo Racing and a report on 24-Hour Prototype Engines 2019. A dossier on the Mercury Racing 2.5 EFI F-1 H20 v6 and we look into ECR Engines Cadillac DPi-V.R. A report from the European Automotive Testing Expo 2019 as well as focus articles covering lubricants, component and materials testing. 

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Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Aprilia's Romano Albesiano, Electric Avenue & Challenge Of The British Hill Climb Championship. A dossier on the Noonan NHRA Pro Mod 4.9 Hemi, we also look at the 4Piston Super 99 as well as focus articles covering transient dynamometers & exhausts. 

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Highlights in this issue include a dossier looking at what it takes to build and run Rickie Smith's Pro Mod Camaro for the NHRA Pro Mod competition.  Dustin Lee explains what it takes to prepare a competitive Suzuki Hayabusa bike for the extremely tightly fought index and bracket (ET) formats of the sportsman class.  We have a focus on chassis materials and fabrication and an insight into wheelie bars. Drag Race Technology v10 has digests on the Wairua Spirit LSR car from New Zealand which is aiming for the outright wheel driven land speed record and Erica Enders' Elite Motorsport Pro Stock Camaro.

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Highlights include a look at the Ducati MotoGP bike, the Hydrex Honda, Moto2 and Rider Protection. 

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Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Prodrive World RX I4 Turbo, Race Engine Retro and the challenge of Formula E. Insights into valve seats and Jesel's Equal Eight as well as focus articles covering CAD, sensors and data acquisition. 

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