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Tri-metal Journal bearings: materials and construction

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Traditional journal bearings for internal combustion are of the tri-metal type. This type of bearing consists of a steel backing, a hard middle layer and a soft top layer. Typical soft bearing materials are: lead, tin, zinc, or alloys of these metals while typical hard bearing materials are: Aluminium-tin; lead-bronze; copper-lead. The soft top could comprise of three layers, providing five metal layers. Journal bearings operate between the extremes of no lubrication on the one hand, to...

Fatigue and wear in a journal bearing

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FATIGUE AND WEAR IN A JOURNAL BEARING (during start-up and boundary lubrication)When two bodies are pressed together contact stresses occur. The results of the work done in this area are due to Hertz and are referred to as Hertzian stresses. Two special cases of hertzian stresses are: contacting spheres and contacting cylinders. An example of contacting spheres would be a single row ball bearing, with a single ball contacting the inner surface of the inner or outer race. An example of...

Principles of journal bearing design

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The purpose of a bearing is to support a load. Deflection of the journal within the bearing can adversely affect the load carrying ability of the bearing. This deflection can be greatly reduced by increasing the diameter of the journal and decreasing its length. This results in a short bearing with a consequential greater flow of oil out of the ends of the bearing. This outflow of oil transfers heat from the bearing and helps to reduce the bearing temperature.The factor which controls the...

Bearing the brunt

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For all of its engine bearing needs in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (CWTS) engines, PME Engines of Mooresville, North Carolina has researched heavily to meet its main and rod end requirements. On a mile-and-a-half oval like Chicagoland Speedway, where the CWTS raced the final weekend of August, PME owner Mark Smith acknowledged that he is “always fighting temperatures because they never lift here. They’re running wide open throttle all the time, so the temperatures are...

Bearing the load

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“It is always a battle for our engine bearings,” says John Medlen, tuner for John Force Racing Funny Car driver Mike Neff in the NHRA’s Full Throttle Drag Racing Series. “Their survival is predicated on the cylinder pressure applied to the bearing and the manner in which we see a rise in that cylinder pressure. We have to look at the pressure curve,” he said. In all the nitromethane-burning NHRA classes, it’s “okay to have a high and long cylinder...