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Bearings go round and round

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SKF Automotive is well regarded for its work in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series competition, where it produces camshaft bearings used by major teams in this upper level racing. Still, the Plymouth, Michigan manufacturer has interests beyond the scope of recognized motor sport. SKF is one of the major backers of the local University of Michigan solar-powered race car. The University of Michigan solar team’s Continuum competed in an 1800-mile race across the Australian outback in 2008 and...

What are 'Sputtered' Bearings?

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In company with the small end bearing there’s no more hard working bearing surface than that found in the big end of high performance gasoline and diesel race engines. In a good example of a reverse technology flow - series production to racing - bearings originally developed to cope with extreme cylinder pressures found in the latest generation of high speed passenger car and commercial diesel engines have found their way into Formula One and sport car engines. In the mid 90’s,...

Make or break?

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In NHRA professional drag racing, main and con rod crankshaft journal bearings are among the items that can make or break a run. It stands to reason that when a team finds something that works well for them, they are inclined to leave well enough alone.At John Force Racing, Dean ‘Guido’ Antonelli is one of the crew chiefs for the quartet of Funny Car teams. His prime requirement is tending to Ashley Force Hood’s Ford Mustang Funny Car.Occasionally, when Antonelli...