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Protect and Survive

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There was a time when simply using the correct grade of oil for your engine and changing it regularly would be all that was needed. Back in the days of the nuclear family, life was simple and we knew that our cam’s lobes were protected even if a nuclear war was potentially just around the corner at ‘five minutes to midnight’. Approaching the second decade of the 21st century and while the prospect of nuclear war has almost disappeared, the threat to some of our camshafts...

E is for Additives

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It has been almost twenty years since the European Union introduced the world to E numbers. Initially seen as a somewhat crude attempt to control the use of artificial additives in food, the automatic reaction from the public was to label anything with an E number as being bad. This despite the fact that many well-known and healthy foodstuffs (for example Vitamin C – E300), are essential requirements in a well-balanced diet. Today in the motoring and motor sports world we have our own...

The Greening of Formula One

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It seems ironic to think that amid the hype of the introduction of kinetic energy recycling systems (KERS) for the 2009 season, the real ‘greening’ of our premier racing category started precisely one year before. At that time the ‘green’ debate was at its height and faced with EU legislation covering road fuels for 2010, the FIA unilaterally introduced the ruling that for 2008 a minimum of 5.75% by mass of the fuel must comprise of oxygenates ‘derived from...