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Offsetting pin bores

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When laying out a new race engine, the engineer (or team of engineers) will normally never consider anything other than having the cylinder bore axes intersecting the crankshaft axis. Indeed, this is also the layout of most production engines, and has certainly been the norm since the inception of the internal combustion engine. There are reasons why designers of new engines might wish to have the cylinder axis not intersect the crankshaft axis, and these have been used by production...

Top Fuel cylinder scuffing

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Success in the Top Fuel category of NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series competition relies on many different factors, but always comes down to the tuner's success in predicting the atmospheric conditions, the amount of clutch necessary to propel the car and making the right tune-up decisions. Chasing the perfect combination is always the mantra for crew chiefs and tuners in the Top Fuel game - and anyone who doesn't admit that they're chasing the top teams from Al-Anabi Racing...

Rings of doom?

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Followers of Tolkien's epic tales, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, will know all about the One Ring. A magical thing made from gold, and impervious to damage, the wearer would be invisible to ordinary men and projected him or her into a shadowy world that dims the sight and enhances the other senses. And of course, created by the Dark Lord Sauron and forged in the fires of Mount Doom in the black land of Mordor, its power over just about everything was seemingly unstoppable. As...

Shaver's winning World of Outlaw pistons

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Shaver Engine Specialties of Torrance, California, is the official engine builder for Tony Stewart Racing's World of Outlaws sprint car team. Recently inducted into the Sprint Car Hall of Fame, Ron Shaver has a team of builders dedicated to producing 410 cu in engines for Stewart's cars, an enterprise that can take as long as 60 hours for a single engine. Shaver specifies a box-style piston made of 2618 alloy for these engines, and works with two piston manufacturers - one for...

Feeling the tension

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It is an undisputed fact that the greatest source of friction in a reciprocating internal combustion engine lies in its ring pack. But the forces necessary to maintain the seal between piston and bore are precisely those that create the parasitic drag, so it is little wonder that engine researchers/designers throughout history have placed an ever-important emphasis in this area. Precise estimates of this friction vary. Some have reported up to 38% of total losses in a V10 Formula One...