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Liner wear

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As in all mechanical systems when adjacent parts in contact move relative to each other, wear will inevitably take place. Even in the best designs, lubrication only serves to delay the onset of damage, and failure of one form or another will always occur. The interface between piston/piston ring and the cylinder bore is a perfect example. In reviewing wear therefore it is perhaps necessary to distinguish between what might be termed normal and abnormal events. Abnormal wear might be...

Seal material selection

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Maybe it's just me but for some reason choosing the most appropriate seal material for an application used to make me uncomfortable. Bamboozled by the plethora of the various product catalogues (for this was before the Internet age) the decision would often be left to the last possible moment, with all the attendant issues it created. I'm sure I wasn't alone but back then small leaks were often tolerated and, with engine accessibility far easier, could be readily repaired or...

The lower liner seal

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Of the many gaskets and seals in an engine, probably the most annoying and terrifying in equal measure, when it fails, is that at the mid or lower liner. On dry-liner engines this doesn't exist of course, so the product developers can sleep soundly at night. But in wet-liner designs this seal can be the greatest source of nightmares, because when it fails the area is so inaccessible. As ever, it always boils down to issues such as manufacturing cost and trying to keep things simple....

Taking the heat

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In any internal combustion engine, the design or configuration of the cylinder or its liner is of critical concern. Exposed to the full effect of combustion at its upper part, which falls as we go down the cylinder, the component has to be as light as possible yet still retain its mechanical robustness with minimal distortion. As bmep (brake mean effective pressure) and engine speeds increase, cooling therefore assumes a major importance. Open-deck cylinder blocks, where the engine coolant...

Making it more complex?

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In today's world the possibilities for producing complex castings are much more sophisticated than ever. Whereas in the old days we only needed to worry about making patterns out of wood or steel/cast iron, now we can look at how to integrate as many functions as possible in as effective a solution as possible on a mass scale. So we no longer use only the traditional method of pattern making, but rapid prototyping techniques as well. In general, an engine block casting consists of a...