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Kalitta insight

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Kalitta Racing has been around for 50 years in NHRA Top Fuel racing. As with every team in this category it uses a Hemi-patterned, 500 cid, 90-degree V8 engine with forged aluminium block (solid; with no water passages). The sleeves (cylinder liners) are made of centrifugal cast ductile iron of special formulation (ASTM 536-84) and are ‘slip fit’ into the aluminium block with 100 percent cylindrical contact.Each sleeve is held at the top by a flange and has a stainless steel wire...

A 501 Cubic Inch Aluminium Small Block V8?

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The GM Gen-4 Small Block pushrod V8 engine family (aka LS-X) is growing in popularity and in application as a racing engine as well as a high performance powerplant for roadgoing cars. The basic LS design contains several significant improvements over the ubiquitous Gen-1 engine, and there is a growing abundance of high-quality aftermarket components which add even more features to the design.One of the newest and most impressive of those components is the aluminium LS engine block...