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Aluminium matrix composites

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Although cast iron cylinder liners have always been a safe and reliable choice, the differential expansion rate between them and the aluminium pistons, as well as their shear weight, has always encouraged designers to look for better alternatives. When cylinder blocks were cast iron, engines were so heavy as to make any change in the cylinder liner material utterly futile but as demands for lighter engines made aluminium more attractive, the push towards some kind of aluminium cylinder...

Sealing the future

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One of the world’s leading race engine manufacturers has revealed their design philosophy regarding seals and gaskets to RET Monitor this month. Dave Salisbury, Chief Design Engineer at Engine Developments Ltd (EDL), told RET Monitor, “It’s a simple philosophy really… we just work hard to eliminate seals and gaskets wherever we can.” Whilst that sounds straight forward and much like common sense it is actually something which is very hard to achieve and...

Bearing Up

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Isn’t it strange how solving one issue in racing can sometimes lead to solving a different problem in production engines many years later. The evolution of the main bearing cap springs to mind. It was while examining a cylinder block prior to rebuilding a classic engine that made me reflect on how far, in terms of technology modern road vehicle engines have come. The crankcase in question was a five bearing four cylinder unit of 1970s origin and having a relatively undersquare...

Cylinder Bore Honing

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It is a fact not appreciated by many, except the specialists, but the technology of the cylinder bore surface finish has changed significantly over the years. While oil consumption was perhaps the greatest driver in the past, the push to achieve even less and less exhaust emission at higher and higher mileages, has caused OE engine manufacturers to focus even greater resources into getting the surface finish of the cylinder bore exactly right. And while, to the OEM this means emissions...

Face To Face

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In this and future issues we will look at one of the most critical seals in a race engine, the seal between the top of the cylinder bore and the cylinder head. There are of course many ways of achieving this seal, but perhaps the first question we should ask ourselves is whether or not we need to have a joint which needs sealing in the first place. Race Engine Technology magazine is soon to feature an in depth review of a historic racing engine which did away with this joint by casting the...